Are you leaving money on the table?

For real. Do you even know?

Then, you’re in the right place, my friend.

Now, hold on a second.

This might surprise you.

But, this is ACTUAL FOOTAGE of me showing you the solution to your sales problem.

Did I lose you?

Okay, let’s break this down.

Do you…

😳 have a plan for your revenue goals?

😳 know if you’re leaving money on the table?

😳 have nightmares about working with “less than ideal” clients just so you can pay the bills?

😳 haphazardly plan out your launches (which don’t translate into dollars) and end up being super stressful?

Now, I know it’s gonna be pretty difficult for you to imagine something better than cuddling a floofy pup….

…but try this on for size, (and see how it feels.)

What if I told you enrollment is now open for:


👋 a 90 minute sales coaching session with me that’s custom built for your business…

👋 that’ll help you uncover MISSED opportunities…

👋 execute a revenue generating campaign for the rest of the year…

👋 and map out the exact steps you’ll need so that your audience feels ready (and completely compelled) to hurl their credit card at your face…. ?


Would you be intrigued?


I saw your head nod.

(I’ll take that as a yes.)


90 Minute Sales Strategy with Elena


Finally! Gain the clarity and the steps forward you need so that you’re poised and ready to start showing the eff up in your service-based business and sign more action-taker clients (even if you hate selling).

Together, we’ll build a custom sales strategy around your goals, your business, and your LIFE (backed by all my real-life know-how, expertise, and crazy legit sales skills).

No cookie cutter program here (although, I must say, I do love a good sugar cookie with frosting and rainbow sprinkles). 

This is NOT just another sales coach serving up DM script templates with a side of basic questioning about your ideal client avatar (you’ll even give her a name!)

Instead, you’ll get:

😲 Your very own biz strategy headquarters, complete with docs and spreadsheets galore, to help us conduct a deep examination of your business.

😲 90 minute ZOOM call to help you get super clear on your target market, your competition (cuz ain’t nobody got time to duplicate your competitors), your roadmap to more sales complete with the exact steps you’ll need to take each week that will actually move the needle forward in your business.

😲 Unlimited support via Voxer for 3 weeks so you can stay on track, have someone to bounce ideas off of (you know, for when those lightning bolts of inspiration strike), and to help you troubleshoot any obstacles that come up along the way as you’re doing the work.

😲 Plus, you’ll get my 10+ years of experience in building profitable businesses to revamp your sales messaging on your website, email list, and your socials so that you can speak the same language as your ideal client.


The 90 minute intensive is available for $750.



Here’s what’ll happen when you click the button.


😅 You’ll be taken to a no-obligation online form. This is where we decide if we’re a good fit for each other. (kinda like The Bachelorette, but without all the crying.)

📄 You’ll receive a payment link and e-sign a quick contract (it’s easy peasy, promise).

📆 You’ll get a calendar invite to schedule your 90 min strategy session with me.

💌 You’ll get an email invite to connect with me on Voxer (get ready for well placed labradoodle gifs and sales pep talks!) the link to your personal folder with all the strategy goods and a quick 5 minute survey so you can give me all the deets about your biz.

😍 You’ll get all the warm and fuzzies for getting one step closer to being FULLY BOOKED with paying clients.


Got Questions? I’ve Got Answers.


Who does this work best for? 


While I absolutely love all the brand new entrepreneurs out there, (seriously, much love for ya!) this is definitely NOT for newbies without a Plan B. If you’re early stage in the “be yo’ own boss” game, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

Instead, the guys and gals who will see the most success with the 90 minutes sales strategy session are established business owners with a service-based business who’ve been in business for at least two years AND side gig entrepreneurs who are at least 6 months into their service-based business (and still have their 9-5 job. This is important!) who want to EVENTUALLY go full time with their business.


Why should I work with YOU?


Oh, wait. You weren’t AT ALL persuaded by the Best in Show movie references and all the transformational benefits I just presented to you? (Wow, this sales thing is hard. 😆)

But seriously, the main reason why you should work with me is because I actually CARE about YOU and YOUR GOALS.

I truly want to see your business succeed and, most of all, I want your life to be better than before we started working together. End of story. When I work with clients, I have a “whatever it takes” attitude, PLUS more than 10 years of sales experience (both corporate and entrepreneurial) to help point you in the right direction.

Well, I guess you *could* listen to the Side Gig Central podcast for all the free biz goodness there, but if you’re STILL READING THIS, I think you owe it to yourself to at least stay in touch, for free. Capisce? “ka-PEESH.”


Can we just talk? 


Yes, Khalid, we can. If you’re still not 100% sure if this is for you, text me on WhatsApp 1-856-287-8693 and let’s have a chat about your business. You and me. And if at the end of the day, you decide “meh, this isn’t quite right for me,” no problem, friend. We can just say farewell. No harm, no foul.


90 Minute Sales Strategy with Elena


So, whaddya say?

Let’s get you a jet-infusion of sales.


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