My name is Elena

and helping you grow your sales is my jam.

“I’ve always thrived in entrepreneurship mode, even before Zuckerberg made it cool.”

Thanks for checking out my little corner of the internet! I’m a dream chasing, ginger Jersey girl with an insatiable appetite for the creative process. I’m a sales coach, podcaster, sales manager at Lyft, pizza connoisseur and productivity enthusiast. Even though I still have the face of a baby, and many people mistakenly think I’m still in high school, my soul resembles that of an AARP card holder. It’s a fact that grizzly bear shows on Nat Geo Wild are my jam and a well placed Godfather reference always makes me smile. I am a self-proclaimed queen of “I’ll figure it out” and I’ve always thrived in entrepreneurship mode, even before Zuckerberg made it cool.

Stuff you may find interesting about me


I was introduced to the rideshare industry in 2017, when I was hired by Lyft to build a driver recruitment team to find new drivers for their platform. During that first year, my program signed up over 30,000 new drivers in the Philadelphia region. Looking back, I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was the most eye-opening and insane year of my life.

Nowadays, I spend my 9-5 running corporate sales for Lyft’s automotive division and helped the company achieve 123% revenue growth in 2021 selling B2B SaaS to dealerships. My 5-9 + weekends are spent helping service-based solopreneurs grow their sales through the use of my proprietary framework (they don’t call me the Silicon Valley Sales Coach for nothing!) and recording episodes for my podcast, The Side Gig Central Podcast.

Prior to working at Lyft, I bootstrapped and led my own in-home personal training company for ten years and also dabbled in some YouTube vlogging. And just in case you were wondering, my most popular video on YouTube was all about Las Vegas buffets, not fitness. Go figure!

So, let’s talk about how I can best serve you.


Since you’ve landed on this page, my gut tells me that you’re a curious, solopreneur dream chaser just like me, who is tired of doing free consults for a grab bag of people who end up *not* being a good fit for your service, guessing if your ideal client is even *aware* you can help them solve their problem, or even “hiding” and not promoting your service because it’s tough for you to articulate what you do.

So here’s where I can help: how about we start asking your current clients *strategic questions* that will uncover actual money making insights in your business, create a hit list of strategic partners who will increase visibility for your service (for free) and start using buying triggers inside of all of your content (that you’re spending oodles of time creating anyway!)

How does that sound?

If you’re burned out from trying to do all the quantum physics calculations on your own, you should consider working with me, (your Silicon Valley Sales Coach!) and get an easy-to-use framework to draw the *right* eyeballs to your service and attract more qualified, high-value leads.

I’m ever so grateful and excited to have you along for this entrepreneurial roller coaster ride. So excited in fact, that I even made sure the met the height requirement before I got in line. I’m only 5’1″ so it’s a gamble.