Ep. 12 Are you Making THIS Money Mistake With Your Side Gig?

November 18, 2019

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Lamine Zarrad, CEO of Joust, a banking platform for self-employed workers that merges invoicing with a merchant account and an FDIC-insured bank account. During my conversation with Lamine, we tackle topics like:

  • how to create a financial action plan for your side gig
  • how to overcome the “collections” problem once and for all
  • how to position your side gig for a stress free tax season
  • how to ride the wave of prosperity when you hit your side gig revenue goals

So, if you’re unsure how to set up your side gig for profitability, Lamine will walk you through the steps you need to take today to plan for a BRIGHT side gig future.

(0:40) What to expect from today’s chat

(3:36) Lamine’s background and why he started Joust

(5:52) How to handle collections effectively for your sweat equity side gig. Why are side gig entrepreneurs prone to this collections problem?

(8:30) What is a “frankenstein solution” and why it robs you of time and money

(13:26) How to start saving for taxes when you’re an independent contractor | freelancer | side gig entrepreneur. Why do so many of us get this wrong?

(15:55) How to build a financial action plan for your side gig

(19:48) When you hit your side gig revenue goals, what’s the best way to plan for the future?

(22:53) Lamine’s take on the future of the gig | freelance economy in 2020

(27:36) Final thoughts on how to manage your side gig ‘s finances. Register for an LLC