Ep. 30 How to Brand Yourself Like a Celebrity

March 23, 2020


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On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Robyn Graham, personal branding expert and the owner of Robyn Graham Photography. Robyn helps entrepreneurs and professionals “create and elevate” their personal brand so that they can stand out and serve their dream clients. She is also the creator and host of The Second Phase Podcast.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 5 C’s of personal branding
  • Why being the face of your brand will kick start your side gig biz
  • Real examples of entrepreneurs (and celebrities!) that have super strong personal brands and how you can use them as inspiration to build your own

PRESS PLAY on this episode to hear Robyn’s advice on all things personal branding!

Ep. 30 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(5:48) Robyn’s background and her entrepreneurship journey

(10:30) “I started my business with a blog and it just became word of mouth.”

(12:22) What are some of the ways that an entrepreneur can spruce up their brand to create traction in the marketplace?

(13:00) “Be the face of your brand. People do not buy products and services they buy personalities. And in order for anyone to get to know your personality, they have to see your face. You have to become recognizable and memorable.”

(15:23) How to show up for your audience, even though you may be terrified of being on video. Remember that you’re the expert. Trust in yourself and in your knowledge and expertise and communicate THAT to your audience.

(16:05) How to use lighting properly to get the best possible result (in photos and video). “If they can’t make that connection with your eyes, they’re gonna tune out.”

(18:00) Robyn’s affordable suggestions for your photo | video toolkit.

(19:16) The 5 C’s of personal branding. 

(21:32) “We all have a community in place. When you start creating your business, start with the community that you’ve already built and let that community be the tentacles that help you expand.”

(22:56) “Expand your community by engaging with like-minded people, people that might be in your ideal avatar, and really grow a relationship with them virtually to expand that community.”

(26:27) Examples of celebrities turned entrepreneurs that have a strong personal brand. (Jasmine Star, Julie Solomon)

(32:35) Joan Jett, JLo and Hermoine personal branding icons

(35:18) Robyn’s Etsy shop

(38:30) “When it comes to managing my personal brand never would I ever, not have a professional headshot on my website and social media accounts.”