Ep. 23 How to Build a Brand that Pops

February 3, 2020


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On this episode, Elena talks with Brianne Fleming, a Florida based marketing and branding expert, professor, course creator and THE queen of all things 90’s pop culture. Brianne’s mission is to teach entrepreneurs how to infuse their personality into their brand while still remaining authentic and relevant. 

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to capitalize on your quirks when creating your brand
  • how to monitor news trends to stay memorable with your audience
  • how to create more content (people actually care about) with less effort
  • why you should publicly demonstrate your knowledge to become an expert in your niche

It’s time to dig out your Motorola Razr phones, your BSB posters that are hiding in the basement (I know you had at least one) and your Central Perk mugs from the dishwasher because today we’re traveling down the 90’s pop culture rabbit hole in search of some side gig BRANDING and MARKETING strategies.

Ep. 23 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(5:00) Brianne’s background and why she started her blog briannefleming.com

(7:53) Brianne’s “go-to celebrity reference” that helps her bring her brand to life 

(9:11) Each “Friends” character described as a social media platform. The accuracy!

(12:58) How to create a personal brand (that people actually care about) by leaning into your personality

(14:17) “This is exhausting, I feel like 3 different versions of myself”

(14:49) “You have your own personality traits and things that you love that you just need to pull out and not be afraid to share with other people.”

(17:07) A quote from Sally Hogshead’s book, How the World Sees You: “Don’t change who you are. Become MORE of who you are.”

(19:04) If you want to build relationships with your audience, have a niche or overarching theme, but don’t be afraid to show different aspects of your personality

(22:06) How to monitor news trends to create memorable content 

(22:50) Why do things go viral? Jonah Berger’s book Contagious: “What’s top of mind is tip of tongue.”

(25:30) Brianne’s best tips on creating more content with less effort.

(27:57) What is “micro-content?”

(29:29) Why is it so important to show your face on social media? 

(30:48) If you want people to get to know you over the internet, they need to see your face, your smile, your enthusiasm and look into your eyes, even if it’s just through a screen.”

(32:37) How to start a side gig when you don’t have the right education to back it up

(33:27) “Use the channels that we’re empowered with to blow people away with what you know, because no one is going to see you as an expert unless you start publicly demonstrating your knowledge. That’s how you build trust and build an audience for your side gig.”

(35:23) When it comes to creating a brand for my side gig, never would I ever…be something I’m not.

(36:08) “Tap into your quirks. Whatever you think makes you weird, that’s actually what makes you memorable and what people are going to resonate with the most.”

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