Ep. 21 How to Make More Money with Less Hustle

January 20, 2020

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, I’m talking you through how I plan on making more money with my side gig with less hustle.

And more specifically, if I’m seriously going to continue producing this weekly podcast and not have it turn out to be complete crap and still enjoy LIFE, now more than ever, I gotta get MORE strategic with my side gig. I gotta get more strategic with my time, my energy and how I’m producing content for you. Simply put, I gotta do it with LESS HUSTLE.

Today, I’m revealing my plan for how I’m going to get ALL of this done. I’m breaking it down into 5 ways I plan on attacking these audacious side gig goals of mine and how YOU can do the same.

So, if you find yourself at an existential side gig crossroads right now, LIKE ME, and you feel like you have to HUSTLE constantly to make progress with your side gig, this strategy session is gonna be right up your alley. 

Ep. 21 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:16) “I gotta get more strategic with my time, energy and HOW I’m producing content for you. Today I’m breaking it down for you in 5 ways that I’m attacking my side gig goals.”

(4:45) #1 Investing in my side gig. There comes a point in your side gig journey where you gotta make a choice whether or not you’re going to invest in yourself.

(5:57) Some questions to consider when deciding to invest in your side gig. A.) Do you enjoy the work? B.) How are you going to continue to monetize and scale your side gig?

(6:50 ) Obviously we’re looking for the biggest ROI, the largest return on your investment because I don’t have Elon Musk over here investing in my side gig.

(8:14) I’m hiring a copywriter to add rocket fuel to my side gig (this podcast!)

(10:16) How to budget for an investment in your side gig

(11:11) Grow at the speed of cash and bootstrap your way to profitability

(12:48) #2 Organizing My Finances

(14:00) I use a banking tool called Joust, an all-in-one banking platform that has a merchant account, bill pay and invoicing

(16:48) How to save a portion of your revenue for taxes (UGH.)

(18:11) #3 Connecting More on Social

(19:24) Check out Ep. 18 with Allison Scholes all about how why you need to be more SOCIAL on social media. This was the paradigm shift that changed everything for me.

(19:40) Why I was like George Costanza on social media

(22:05) “Harness the power of the conversation to drive your content creation”

(23:45) “I went from being the Grinch to Glenda the Good Witch”

(25:26) #4 Automating Repetitive Tasks

(25:51) In order to run your side gig as efficiently as possible you got to have SYSTEMS. Shout out to Shannon Baker from @morethancapablemompreneur for spreading the word about effective systems for your side gig

(26:33) You need at least 3 systems in place for your side gig 1.) filing system 2.) scheduling system 3.) communication system

(29:14) My favorite free tools to help you automate your systems

(31:46) #5 Celebrating Small Wins

(32:13) The best Diddy quote ever “Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the hell outta them. Clap for your damn self.”

(32:40) “Bootstrapping a side gig is a marathon, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, or an instant gratification game. It’s a slow burn, it’s a slow grow.”

(33:04) Why I’m not picking a “word” or “theme” for 2020 and why I’m using quarterly goals to measure progress.