Ep. 25 Confessions of a Biz Coach: Selling to Strangers on the Internet

February 17, 2020

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On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Michelle Marie, a proud 9-5’er engineer, business coach, podcaster and the founder of  The Profitable Coaching Academy.

Most notably, Michelle has been able to pursue her passion for coaching other female entrepreneurs while continuing to work her 9 to 5.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to convert strangers on the internet into paying clients
  • how to generate more revenue with discovery calls and killer sales pages 
  • how to effortlessly attract your ideal client WHILE closing the deal without feeling salesy.

PRESS PLAY on this episode to hear Michelle’s advice on how to grow your side gig business, one happy customer at a time. I’m so excited to introduce you to your new business coach bestie!

Ep. 25 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(4:00) Michelle’s background. She’s an engineer by trade but a coach by heart. 

(6:15) I built my business “after bedtime”

(8:45) How to sell without being salesy: Step #1 Identify all the icky-ness that you feel when you hear the word sales. Step #2 Look at sales differently: Selling is serving 

(10:28) Step #3 How do I reach my “perfect client?” It’s an invitation / offer to connect outside the DM’s.

(11:04) Sales is like dating

(11:50) The freebie is the equivalent of an appetizer 

(13:00) The elements of an effective discovery call. Discovery Call Roadmap

(15:38) How to handle objections during the discovery call phase.

(17:52) How to find your perfect person, do you vibe with them?

(19:09) The most important question you need to ask a prospect during the vetting process

(24:10) Must have elements of a sales page that converts strangers on the internet to paying clients

(26:55) The tech involved to get your sales page up and running. MailerLite

(29:16) What it means to be intentionally focused – Current Focus List | Future Focus List

(33:24)  Shout- out’s to listeners @theassistantslist 

(34:30) Michelle’s Freebie Vault for service-based businesses

(36:47) #1 tip for entrepreneurs that haven’t closed a deal yet: Look at your messaging, who are you targeting?

(39:50) When it comes to creating a killer sales page ; Never would I ever not include the 6 elements of a killer sales page.