Ep. 04 How to Start a Side Gig from Zero

September 16, 2019

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This week on The Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena busts through the myth that says you need a ton of cash in the bank to start a side gig. It turns out you definitely DO NOT! Starting a side gig from zero is not impossible, it just takes a bit of brain power, resourcefulness, a willingness to roll with the punches and relentless execution. This podcast is all about how to start a brand new side gig with nothing but a few key ingredients (psst! they’re free!) and the five phases you’ll encounter when you start chipping away at your side gig.

(0:30) What to expect from today’s chat

(2:37) The inspiration for this podcast topic – the why! 

(3:29) Why starting from zero is intimidating 

(4:11) Background story about why I’m obsessed with starting with zero

(6:37) Phase #1 The Honeymoon Phase

(8:00) Phase #2 The Busy Bee Phase

(9:13) Phase #3 The Debbie Downer Phase

(11:14) Phase #4 The Comparison Trap

(13:06) Why I tend to fall into the comparison trap

(14:03) How to overcome the comparison trap

(15:09) Phase #5 Just Keep Swimming

(19:27) Starting from zero should not be a barrier to entry, it’s a badge of honor

(20:21) When it comes to starting a side gig from zero, never would I ever….

(22:32) Why I would never borrow money to start a side gig