Ep. 24 How To Write Stories That Sell

February 10, 2020

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On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Brenna McGowan, a Newport Beach California based copywriter, Instagram expert and co-creator of the wildly popular membership site called The Content Bar.

Brenna helps female-led lifestyle businesses take the confetti of their ideas and put the party down on paper with words that connect and sell, so you can “work less and play more.”

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to achieve effective copy
  • why relevant and relatable storytelling is a MUST these days
  • how you can become a word smithing ninja and attract your ideal client
  • how to communicate everyday stories that make people take ACTION

PRESS PLAY on this episode to hear Brenna’s advice on how to create ENGAGING content that will resonate with your audience.

Creating copy for your side gig biz doesn’t have to be complex. Let’s start writing stories that SELL! 

Get Brenna’s STELLAR SEGUE Guide. This guide will show you how to turn your everyday stories into inbox (and caption) gold.

Ep. 24 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(5:13) Brenna’s background and why she started The Content Bar.

(14:51) Is it worth the time and energy to produce longer form content for captions and emails? Test what’s right for your audience.

(15:30) “By being able to tell your story, you make yourself DIFFERENT than the next person. Use this to your advantage to create your personal brand and dive deep.”

(15:53) “People will always read longer form content when it’s interesting.”

(17:30) The 4 personality types you can write to a.) needs a lot of facts b.) need it quick c.) enjoy a longer story d.) want a lot of entertainment

(19:34) How to come up with story ideas that will resonate with your audience. a.) be yourself b.) try dictating then transcribing the story c.) writing and writing often (the more you write the easier it’s going to get) d.) look for metaphors, parables, analogies, examples in pop culture and news e.) emulate what you like about another’s writing style

(22:11) “What can I parallel this to in my business that will help my reader?”

(22:31) “Stories will absolutely help you break through the noise, but you have to have stories with points.”

(24:35) How to get more engagement with our audience with effective CTA’s in our captions.

(26:07) “Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is the Instagram bible”

(28:00) “I try to use words and phrases that my audience is already using so that my audience feels like I’m speaking directly to them.”

(28:46) Analyze your CTA: is it a specific question?

(29:16) “If you ask your audience a call to action question and they have to think too long about it, a lot of times they’re gonna keep scrolling.”

(29:53) Analyze your CTA: is answering my question easy?

(31:37) “You don’t have a content problem, you have a segue problem.” 

(33:23) “When you can tell a story and tie it together with an awesome solution that helps your reader, all of a sudden you have a magical piece of copy.”

(35:04) Brenna’s STELLAR SEGUE GUIDE shout out

(40:17) “Clarity comes from action not thought” – Lewis Howes

(42:36) “When it comes to writing copy, never would I ever…..put more than 2-3 sentences in a paragraph.”

(43:58) “It doesn’t matter how good your information is, as soon as you have a huge block of text online, people shut down.”