Ep. 18 How to Use Instagram to Find Your Ideal Audience

December 30, 2019

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena is joined by Allison Scholes, momprenuer, photographer and Instagram growth expert.

Allison is the creator of Boss Lady in Sweatpants, a membership based service business that provides monthly stock photos and Instagram strategies to help momprenuers post with ease on social media. Allison’s podcast Social Media for Momprenuers helps aspiring entrepreneurs build their brand online in only minutes a day by supplying the simple and creative tools to grow a business with confidence.

During this conversation with Allison you’ll learn:

  • how to find and ENGAGE your target audience on Instagram
  • how to use hashtags (correctly!) 
  • how to use your time productively and not fall victim to the endless scroll
  • why you should (or should not) go LIVE on Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered if your sweat equity side gig should be on Instagram OR, you already have an Instagram account and you’ve agonized over what to post and write, this is the episode for you! Allison’s tips and strategies can not only be applied to mompreneurs, but they can also apply to any side gig entrepreneur who wants to level up their Instagram game and engage with their ideal audience.

Ep. 18 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:34) Allison’s background story and how she started her company Boss Lady in Sweatpants

(6:24) How do you know if your audience is on Instagram?

(7:30) Finding your audience: clearly define what your typical customer looks like 

(8:47) How to search your competitors’ accounts to find your audience on Instagram

(10:35) Using Instagram stories polls to learn more about your audience

(12:04) Should you have a business account on Instagram?

(14:30) Why is it so important to show up consistently with quality content on Instagram?

(15:04) Showing up on a regular basis shows that you’re reliable

(15:44) Content buckets: Relate, Educate, Entertain

(16:46) Change your Instagram approach to “who can I meet and who can I learn from?”

(17:48) Consistent content on Instagram is the new OPEN sign of the digital world

(18:20) “Social media marketing can be a huge time drain.”

(19:42) The 10 / 10 / 10 rule for Instagram marketing

(22:38) “Do I really need to go live on Instagram?”

(26:54) What’s the ramifications of Instagram getting rid of “likes?”

(30:20) How to use hashtags correctly on Instagram

(32:36) Using a mix of hashtags increases your chances of your account being “discoverable”

(34:26)  “If the hashtag is beyond 500k, I trash it.”

(36:35)  “50k – 300k is the sweet spot for a hashtag”

(40:00) How to create a list of hashtags that will increase your reach on Instagram

(41:00) Regularly check hashtag hubs for relevant content