Ep. 14 Is It Too Late to Start a Side Gig? LIVE from Vegas

December 2, 2019

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Ati Grinspun, photographer and network marketer, about how to she turned her two passions into a full time lucrative business. During my conversation with Ati, we talk about the “ah-ha” moment that pushed her to start scaling her side gigs into two full time businesses, the biggest misconceptions that derail new network marketers, how to deal with irregular cash flow when you’re transitioning from side gig to full time gig, and why ACTION beats FEAR any day.

This on-location episode, in beautiful Las Vegas, is full of real life stories, takeaways and straight up inspo that will help you uncover YOUR side gig genius. Long after you’re done listening to this episode, you’ll hear Ati’s voice inside your head saying “if it doesn’t work, try again, what’s the problem?” 

Follow Ati on Instagram @atigrinspun and @ati.g.photography and on Facebook @Ati Grinspun

Ep. 14 Timestamp

(1:00) Welcome from beautiful Red Rock Casino Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas!

(1:42) The story behind how I met Ati on Instagram #vegassidehustle

(4:00) Ati’s background, from world renowned flare bartender to self-employed photographer and network marketer

(9:35) Ati’s first year as a full time entrepreneur – how to go from side gig to full time gig

(10:36) “A lot of my success as a flare bartender was attached to my ego, and it was attached to the person I was.. even though that wasn’t serving me anymore. It wasn’t serving my family, it wasn’t serving what I ultimately wanted.”

(12:45) Ati’s “ah-ha” moment that pushed her to pursue her side gigs full time.

(14:00) What is network marketing? What are the biggest misconceptions about getting into a networking marketing side gig?

(16:00) Ati’s brick and mortar experience with her photography business. “I then realized was a slave. It didn’t give me the freedom I was looking for.”

(18:00) The number one objection for starting a network marketing business

(21:00) “One of the biggest rewards of the network marketing business is the personal development piece”

(22:45) How to deal with the irregular cash flow when you’re trying to transition from side gig to full time gig

(28:00) “When you step into that person you want to be, you get to create your life”

(30:20) The number one takeaway for an aspiring side gig entrepreneur. “Stop getting ready to get ready”

(31:10) “If I could learn how to help others, I would reach my goals too”

(33:00) The number one takeaway for someone who has already started their side gig but is having a tough time getting traction or finding a niche “It’s okay to make mistakes.”

(34:00) “Whatever you’re doing, if it’s not working, try 10 different ways. You have to break through the noise. Fear is not going to take you anywhere. Action beats fear any day.”

(37:40) When it comes to turning a side hustle into a full time gig.. never would I ever… “think that I would be so in love with network marketing”