Ep. 06 No One Ever Told You THIS About Driving Lyft and Uber

October 7, 2019

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This week on The Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena sits down with Will Pasternak to talk about where the rideshare industry is headed, what’s changed for drivers in the past 6 months and the most controversial of all, this episode covers the latest news about the AB5 Bill that recently passed in California, the ticking time bomb that could be bad news for drivers (or good news depending upon how you look at it).

(0: 40) What to expect from today’s chat

(3:32) Will’s background and how he got to where he is today

(7:00) How Will got started with rideshare

(10:16) Will’s take on the gig economy and why the job market rejected him 

(11:15) How the rideshare landscape has changed this year 

(12:36) Why rideshare may not be a “flexible” side gig anymore

(15:56) What does the AB5 Bill in California mean for the future of rideshare drivers

(18:00) The “human factor” of rideshare driving – “Drivers are Heroes”

(23:08) Imagine if everyone boycotted driving rideshare

(25:58) Drivers need to understand what they’re earning (look at your expenses)

(34:00) Lyft used to be “Robin Hood” for drivers, now everything has changed.