Ep. 01 A Woman’s Perspective – What You Should Really Know About Rideshare

September 16, 2019

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This week on the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena sits down with her favorite ladies that she worked with at Lyft, to talk about everything from safety, to their biggest lessons learned to the number one question they get asked about driving rideshare. Plus, Elena interviews her husband, John Possumato, about some of the obstacles facing rideshare drivers today, how to overcome them and his brand new start-up that helps new rideshare drivers rent to own their vehicles.

(0: 51) What to expect from today’s chat

(1: 50) Introduction to rideshare driver Abiola Booker

(2: 44) A fun fact about Abiola

(4: 04) The number one question Abiola gets asked about driving rideshare

(5: 52) Abiola talks about the time she had to kick a passenger out of her car

(7: 20) How to stay in control of your car (and the people in it)

(9:25) Introduction to rideshare driver Mebruka Kane

(12:24) Mebruka’s perspective on rideshare driver safety

(13:30) Introduction to rideshare driver Mencia Navarrete

(15:32) Mencia’s take on the question, why rideshare?

(16:53) Mencia’s newbie rideshare advice

(18:11) Introduction to my husband, John Possumato

(19:57) John’s latest start-up, DriveItAway and how it helps rideshare drivers

(21:18) Why go to a dealership to get a vehicle for rideshare

(22:10) Why owning a vehicle is better for rideshare

(24:11) John’s hot take on Carvana