Ep. 16 How Your Side Gig Can Help You Live Debt-Free

December 16, 2019

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Mandy Velez, a senior social media editor at the Daily Beast and an insta-famous student loan slayer, all about side gigs, eliminating debt and going viral. In this eye-opening discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How Mandy paid off her student loans AHEAD of schedule by using the debt snowball method plus two side gigs and a full time job
  • Why you should never pay the minimums on your student loans
  • How Mandy’s story went viral and was covered by People Magazine, Business Insider and more

Press play to learn more about Mandy’s story and how YOU can get a hold of your student loan debt and increase your cash flow simply by using a few plug and play side gigs and the debt snowball method.

Ep. 16 Timestamp

(0:45) What to expect from today’s chat 

(4:20) Mandy’s background and how she became so financially savvy

(7:00) What is the debt snowball method for paying off student loan debt?

(8:30) What is the debt avalanche method for paying off debt?

(10:47) “I’m no longer filling the pockets of predatory lendors, feels amazing”

(12:48) Interest rates and how to get them paid down faster

(16:24) How Mandy leveraged side gigs to generate extra income to pay down debt

(18:00) NextDoor: how you can use it as a side gig

(20:00) Animal sitting as a side gig: dog snuggles!

(21:00) Mandy #1 piece of advice for choosing a side gig – tap into something that relates to your interests 

(22:55) The day that Mandy’s story went viral

(24:25) The time when People Magazine posted Mandy’s photo next to a photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

(26:00) “The group I’m talking to are in a stable place in their lives but are wondering, ‘is there anything more I can do, am I really stuck?'”

(27:00) How Many handled the social media trolls when her story went viral

(30:50) “When it comes to paying off student loan debt, never would I ever….just pay the minimums”