Ep. 07 Tackling the Stand Up Comedy Gig in LA

October 14, 2019

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This week on The Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena sits down with Sarah Biren to talk about ALL OF THE THINGS it takes for her to create material for her comedy gigs, how she auditions constantly to book gigs and her “tight 3” that she uses for her auditions. And did we mention that she’s also got a handmade gift company as well? Sarah’s talents are unending and we’re thrilled to share her side gig secrets with you. TBH, listening to this episode is like having one-on-one time with your most hilarious friend PLUS all the benefits of a side gig strategy sesh you’ve come to expect from us. So get ready to laugh, sneer, chuckle, and maybe even cackle a bit today while you get your weekly dose of side gig goodness.

(0: 40) What to expect from today’s chat

(3:30) Rapid fire questions for Sarah, most used emoji?

(7:49) Who would you have dinner with, dead or alive?

(10:30) Introduction to Sarah’s side gig life

(12:23) How Sarah has prepared for stand up comedy 

(16:56) How to deal with content feedback in real time

(20:34) How to make stand up comedy a viable side gig – that actually pays 

(27:53) Sarah’s “ah-ha” moment that led her to create PaperLace Gifts

(34:10) When it comes to comedy…. never would I ever… “take it too seriously”

(36:29) Sarah’s “tight 3” joke