Ep. 10 The Holy Grail of the Gig Economy with Dan Primack, Business Editor for Axios

November 4, 2019

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This week on The Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks to Dan Primack, Business Editor for Axios about the current state of the gig economy today, the best ways to leverage plug and play side gigs and where the gig economy is headed in 2020. Dan is the host of the Pro Rata Podcast and the editor of the Pro Rata Newsletter and consistently delivers hot topics happening daily in the world of business and tech.  In this episode. Dan shares in-depth information as to why the gig economy matters, how the wage debate for on-demand workers is influencing policy makers, and the changes that are on the horizon for the gig economy in 2020. If you’re looking for a BIG PICTURE interview that outlines WHY your side gig is important in today’s economy, you’re going to find this conversation both engaging and well worth your time. Plus, this interview will bring you up to speed on all the hot business topics of the day. You’ll be at least 3x smarter after listening to this episode! 

(0:40) What to expect from today’s chat

(4:00) Dan’s background in journalism

(5:35) “The New Gig America’s Hidden Economy – On-demand jobs are to 2019 what fast food work was to 1989.”

(9:18) On-demand jobs: America’s labor ladder has a new bottom rung? A quasi-entrepreneurial endeavor.

(11:06) What does it mean for on-demand workers when plug and play tech companies, like rideshare, are not profitable and may not exist in a few years?

(13:00) How does AB 5 impact rideshare companies and rideshare drivers?

(15:08) Cross section of people who make up the gig economy: The Strugglers, The Strivers, The Success Stories

(20:05) Are you “a Striver” looking to find the holy grail of side gigs?

(21:55) Where is the gig economy heading in 2020?

(26:18) The gig economy and the 2020 presidential election.

(28:45) Will the gig economy continue to expand in 2020?