Ep. 22 The Ultimate Money Guide for Your Side Gig

January 27, 2020

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On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Ayana Campbell Smith, an Ohio based money coach, course creator and the brains behind the hugely popular, Millennial Money Guide brand. Ayana’s mission is to share practical tips and money advice to help millennials ditch debt, save more and win with money.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to handle inconsistent cash flow for your side gig
  • how to be intentional about funding your side gig when first getting started
  • how to automate your savings strategies
  • what is conscious spending and how to make it work for you

Ayana and I are gonna get REAL about taking care of your finances because, as you may have guessed it, it’s a MASSIVE part of our side gig business that we simply cannot overlook or shove into the back closet.

Ep. 22 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:13) Ayana’s background and why she started Millennial Money Guide 

(7:00) Ways to handle inconsistent cash flow for your side gig

(9:00) How to be intentional with setting aside money for your side gig 

(11:00) 3 savings strategies that are a “no-brainer” for side gig entrepreneurs 1.) Pay yourself first 2.) Setting realistic savings goals and putting a plan in motion 3.) Name your savings accounts

(13:51) How to automate your savings strategies

(15:00) “So many people think that when it comes to money its about deprivation instead of flipping your mindset and using money as a tool to accomplish the things you want to do.”

(16:38) “Budgeting is about reprioritization not deprivation = conscious spending.”

(17:25) “A budget is a monthly plan for how your money is going to be spent, nothing more, nothing less.”

(20:56) Ayana explains the “Pay Yourself First” Challenge

(24:00) Ayana answers an Instagram follower’s question about the “Pay Yourself First” Challenge 

(29:00) Ayana’s #1 tip for someone who is struggling with their finances

(31:00) Free download BUDGET GUIDE from Ayana to help you organize your finances

(32:00) “What I wish I had know before starting Millennial Money Guide”

(34:00) “When it comes to managing my money… never would I ever.. feel guilty or shameful about spending money on something that I’ve saved for or have budgeted for.”

(38:37) Get on the waitlist for Ayana’s course: The Pay Yourself First Challenge