Ep. 15 Why I Killed My Personal Training Company

December 9, 2019

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In this one hour SOLO episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena shares with you how and why she built, scaled and ultimately killed her personal training company over an 8 year time span. Not only is her story filled with giant mistakes, setbacks, and heartbreak, but it’s also filled with personal victories, humility and most of all, it teaches us how to fail to succeed.

As Elena maps you through her journey, you’ll experience the broad spectrum of the side gig life cycle (from dreamer to practitioner to owner to CEO to practitioner again.) This episode will help you pinpoint and avoid some of the most common mistakes you’ll encounter as you start to scale your side gig and learn what it actually takes to crush your toughest side gig goals.

As Elena puts it, “through all the trials, tribulations, sweat equity, tears and triumphs, I never stopped loving helping people through movement. It was THE REASON, the ULTIMATE REASON why I became a personal trainer in the first place. It may sound a little hokey and a little corny, but as you’ll soon discover it was THE ONLY THING that kept me going through this entire 8 year long experience.”

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why Elena became a personal trainer
  • How she scaled a side gig into a full time business: TrainerDiva In-Home Personal Training
  • How she tested the brick and mortar boutique studio concept
  • How she transitioned back to the in-home training model after building TrainerDiva Studio
  • The lessons that allowed Elena to find her WHY again
  • How to pinpoint problems in your business model early on to avoid loss of revenue (and loss of your sanity!)

Ep. 15 Timestamp

(1:00) Part 1: Why I Became a Personal Trainer

(2:30) Post graduation and the job search

(4:30) How fitness changed my life

(6:00) “You should really start your own personal training company”

(8:00) The unique selling proposition that turned into the TrainerDiva In-Home Personal Training business model

(9:30) Part 2: The steps I took to scale my side gig into a full time thriving business

(13:00) The formula for exploding my organic reach

(16:00) My first major set back with TrainerDiva

(18:00) Part 3 : How I tested the brick and mortar studio concept

(20:00) The re-branding of the company to TrainerDiva Studio: Fitness + Wellness for Women

(21:00) Why your business plan should never rely on “making it up in volume”

(23:00) Why the pricing model for the studio did not work

(24:00) “I underestimated the power of our core competency”

(25:00) Part 4: The Unraveling of a Dream

(27:00) Team morale is low, the never-ending churn of trainers. “I was creating my own competition”

(31:00) Part 5: Lessons Learned

(32:00) The problems with the TrainerDiva business model

(35:00) Part 6: Personal Training as a Side Gig once again

(39:00) Shoutout to Alexis and Tom

(40:00) Know your WHY and why I love side gigs so much

(43:00) A special thank you!