Ep. 27 Why You Don’t Have To Hire a PR Firm To Get Great Press

March 2, 2020

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On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with KJ Blattenbauer, an award winning publicist turned dress designer based in Austin, TX.

KJ’s work has been featured on popular media outlets like The Today Show, BuzzFeed, Travel + Leisure and The Cut.

And because KJ loves PR and helping other entrepreneurs get great press so much, she recently published her first PR book, How to Be a Media Darling, which is a step-by-step guide on how to be your own publicist and get media attention.

During this episode you’ll learn:

  • how to pitch media outlets and land a segment
  • how to create press worthy content that producers will actually respond to
  • how to position yourself (and your side gig story) as newsworthy
  • 4 ways to get media attention that won’t cause you to rely on new product launches
  • how to extend your 15 minutes of fame after you’ve landed the TV segment or publication

PRESS PLAY on this episode to learn how to published and featured on TV (without paying an expensive PR firm!) 


Links mentioned on this episode:

KJ’s book, How to Be a Media Darling 

KJ’s dress line: Vievo and Jo 

Help A Reporter Out: HARO

Ep. 27 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(4:50) KJ’s background and how she got started in the PR world

(6:47) Dispelling the myth that you have to hire a publicist to get featured in the media

(7:54) “We’re so afraid to put ourselves out there, when really, PR is just publicizing what you’re already doing. It’s sharing your passion with the world, you should be excited about it.”

(9:39) Why you are newsworthy even if you’re not launching a new product or service. “You can’t always have big news all the time.”

(10:14) “The best press you’re going to get is when you’re NOT launching a new product.”

(10:27) 4 ways to get media attention that won’t cause you to rely on new product launches: a.) be evergreen b.) make infographics c.) use notes app and write down every question you get asked by a customer d.) tap into seasonal topics and marketing holidays

(14:08) How to craft a relatable and relevant pitch to the media: KJ’s “butter-up method”

(16:00) How to demonstrate your authority in your industry to get media attention. What’s your USP?(Unique Selling Points)

(18:35) How to extend your 15 minutes of fame

(19:49) “It takes about 20 – 21 touches for someone to see something before they will take action.”

(21:32) Question from Instagram:  “how were you able to get featured on major news outlets as a fairly new creator?”

(27:12) Why press coverage starts with YOU

(28:12) KJ’s #1 tip to land your first press coverage: Get your elevator pitch down + sign up for HARO

(30:00) Follow up tips after your press coverage – always say thank you!

(32:04) “When it comes to managing my own PR, never would I ever…pitch media outlets without a strategic plan.”