Ep. 19 This Is Your Side Gig Secret Weapon: Confidence

January 6, 2020

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In this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena is joined by Ashley Kirkwood, an attorney, entrepreneur and speaking coach.

Ashley is a dynamic TEDx speaker, trademark lawyer, and on-air legal expert for a Chicago daytime show. Her law firm, Mobile General Counsel helps entrepreneurs to trademark their brands and protect their business assets. She takes great pride in helping business owners on the legal side and the business side. On the business side, she helps entrepreneurs and experts make speaking an income stream through live events, her podcast, and coaching programs, which all fall under Ashley’s brand, Speak Your Way To Cash.

During this conversation with Ashley you’ll learn:

  • how you can overcome your fears as you pursue your side gig
  • how to have more confidence and convert it to currency
  • how to tune into your most confident self by checking your MBA = “Mindset, Beliefs and Actions”
  • how to avoid procrastinating on your most challenging side gig goals
  • why you should never stay in an environment that makes you question your self-worth

If you’re tackling some BIG side gig goals this quarter, this is the episode for you! Ashley’s tips and strategies will help you increase your confidence AND your side gig’s bottom line. 

Watch Ashley’s TEDx talk: The Currency of Confidence

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Ep. 19 Timestamp

(0:40) What to expect from today’s episode

(3:20) Ashley’s background and why she wanted to become an attorney

(5:45) Watch Ashley’s TEDx talk: The Currency of Confidence

(6:45) “Make your content catchy with sound bites so you can compete with everyone’s Facebook brains”

(7:18) How do I get more confidence in my life and how do I convert it to currency?

(7:38) What is an MBA? Mindset, Beliefs, Actions

(10:09) “It doesn’t matter if you’re an extrovert or an introvert, you can gain more confidence simply by practicing this habit. How do I use my natural personality to my advantage?”

(11:25) Confidence advice for introverts: “Do heavy research before your networking event and set a goal of getting at least one post-event meet up. Be really clear about who you are as a person so you don’t have to change yourself to be something that you’re not.”

(12:54) What are some of the ways you can avoid procrastinating on your side gig goals? “Mute the noise”

(14:38) “Create quarterly goals, not yearly goals”

(17:00) Don’t Quit Your Daydream! Shop Ashley’s “Don’t Quit Your DayDream” T-shirt:  Get 10% off when you use code SideGigC

(18:46) When goal setting, instead of just thinking about the financial goals, also consider how do you want your life to look?

(20:15) “When it comes to gaining more confidence in my life, never would I ever…. stay in an enviroment that makes me question my self-worth.”

(21:12) “Part of having confidence is knowing when you need to make a boss move.”